"What size do I need?"
The size of gutter and downspout is determined by many variables, such as roof configuration, the slope of the roof, how many trees are around your home and desired directional flow of water.

"Do I have to choose standard white?"
We stock a variety of colors. There are many different shades to choose from.

"Do you use nails to hang the gutters?"

No, our professional installers use hidden hangers and screws to secure the gutter.

"The wind damaged my gutter, Can you provide an itemized estimate for the insurance company?"

Yes, we can provide an itemized estimate for your insurance company.

"Do you install Rain Barrels?"

We do install rain barrels, however, we do not stock them as there are a large variety of barrels to choose from to fit your personal needs.  We do recommend purchasing a rain barrel diverter, if your rain barrel kit does not come with one.  This will allow you to have the water drain through the downspout if the rain barrel gets full.  

We are devoted to providing the best gutter and downspout systems available today with the best quality of service available.  Contact us for a FREE estimate. 

Superior Gutter Inc. is a local, privately owned business with over 30 years of experience installing rain gutter systems in Rock Island County and Scott County. Including: Port Byron, Cordova, Albany, Fulton, Clinton, LeClaire, Pleasant Valley, Riverdale, Bettendorf, Davenport, Rock Island, Moline, East Moline, Silvis, Rapids City, Coal Valley, Milan, Erie, Eldridge, Geneseo, Colona, Orion, Hillsdale, Hampton, Carbon Cliff, Blue Grass, Lynn Center, Andalusia, Aledo, Eldridge, Taylor Ridge and the Greater Quad Cities Area. 

Soffit, Fascia Cover and Trim

We have a vast selection of top quality windows at reasonable rates.  In an effort to show our appreciation to our customers, we work diligently to ensure that every job exceeds both customer and industry standards.  Our technicians are friendly, professional and fully devoted to meeting your needs with speed and skill.  

Gutters and downspouts are invaluable for catching and funneling water away from one of your home's largest surface areas -- your roof. Why is this important? Because water that drips unabated all over your windows, doors, siding, and foundation will cause damage over the long run.

We install both residential and commercial gutter systems.  We can run either 5" and 6" seamless gutters and carry both 2x3 and 3x4 downspouts.  There are many standard colors available, we use heavy duty hangers.  We do not use spikes or nails.


Seamless gutters and downspouts

Window styles include:

Double Hung, Sliders, Bays, Bows, Casements and Garden

Soffit, fascia and trim are vital elements of a home's overall appearance and structural integrity.  Mastic soffit systems add a finishing touch while providing essential ventilation to help prevent roof structure and rafter decay.  Mastic soffit comes in numerous colors and several finishes to make the most of your siding projects.  Our trim coils also feature tough coatings and various color selections, including palattes compatible with the siding of many manufacturers.  

Superior Gutter Inc

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Our services

In addition to leaves and debris, Leaf Relief keeps birds and squirrels out of your gutters. Leaf Relief screws to the front of your gutters and a flexible flap fits securely at the back — without voiding your roof warranty. Sturdy aluminum strengthens gutters and helps resist damage from ladders, wind, snow and ice. Tested and proven on thousands of homes, we’re confident in our product. 

Leaf Relief Gutter Cover